As the baby boomers retire, millennials are taking their place. Millennials currently comprise 27 percent of the adult population and two-thirds of the workforce. Millennials have revolutionized workplace culture and require different recruitment strategies. Are you using hiring practices specifically aimed at attracting top millennial talent?

Calling for a Revolution

Back in the 70s, baby boomers were revolutionizing hiring practices and redefining culture dynamics. In the early 2000s, Generation X’ers made an impact on culture, business strategy and recruitment strategies. Now Generation Y, or millennials, are making human resources staff and hiring managers create new strategies to attract the top talent of this generation.

Focus on Social Media

New hiring practices should focus on social media strategies. Millennials have grown up with social media and use it for everything, including looking for a new job. Reaching out and communicating with potential candidates before you have an opening to fill will make the search easier when a position opens up in the company.

A Kinder Gentler Organization

Millennials demand work life balance and transparency from the companies they work for. Organizations need to be able to show how candidates will be able to play hard as well as work hard. Managers will have to stress open lines of communication with employees when they conduct interviews with potential employees. There should also be a discussion regarding community outreach programs sponsored by the company, and how employees are encouraged to recommend new volunteer opportunities during job interviews.

Culture vs. Experience

In addition to new opportunities for employees, hiring managers should also change their requirements for candidates. More companies are looking for candidates who fit in with the company culture over experience in specific skills. People can be taught the skills they need to be successful in a position, but if they don’t work well with co-workers, then they won’t be a long-term employee.

People who are team players are especially important. Companies are learning that millennials don’t tolerate prima donna co-workers. Even if a candidate is a rock star in their field, if they can’t be part of a team then they won’t be a good fit in the new work environment.

Multiple Interviews

Millennials like to know who they will be working with at a new company. A series of interviews with department stakeholders helps to vet potential candidates, and allows the candidates to learn more about people in the department. Companies will be able to see if the whole department approves of the candidate, and not just human resources.

Millennials Like Feedback

Millennials like to know where they stand in an organization and what management thinks of their performance. During the multiple interview process, interviewers should outline the company’s performance policy, which should include frequent feedback from management. Improving performance continuously over time benefits the organization and helps millennials to know they are performing up to company expectations.

Recruiting top millennial talent requires an entirely new hiring strategy. If your company is having trouble realigning your hiring practices to appeal to today’s candidates, then contact us. Our experts can help you attract this generation’s most qualified candidates for your open positions.

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