What your market thinks about your company is important to your business. Did you realize that branding is also important when it comes to finding the right candidates? When you approach recruiting in the same manner you approach finding new customers, you can make recruitment marketing work for you.

Understanding Current Perspective

When it comes to branding for recruiting, it is important to understand what your current employees and candidates think of your company. Researching online job sites and social media sites will help you learn everything that is being said about your company, including the negative information.

Once you have a realistic view of your company’s reputation, you can create a strategy to improve brand awareness.

Interview Existing Employees

Talking to long-term employees and top performers will help you learn what the employees like about the company and what you want in potential candidates.

Get Feedback

Your company should set up a system for all employees to supply feedback to human resources about their feelings regarding the company. This will create a process for continued enhancement and improve the company brand.

Create a Talent Profile

Just as you create a customer profile to generate marketing material, a talent profile will help you create recruitment marketing content. A talent profile is essential to determine who you want to target and what skills they need.

Create Content

Content increases brand awareness, attracts the right candidates, and improves the recruitment process. Content for the company blog, social media sites and job sites will help create a recruitment funnel for a steady stream of highly qualified candidates.

Creating a recruitment marketing platform is essential for an effective candidate search. When your company has a positive reputation, you can leverage your brand to recruit stellar employees. People want to work at good companies that care about employees. If you are looking to leverage your brand and improve your recruitment marketing process, contact Job Store. Our specialists can help you recruit candidates for your important open positions.

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