Whether a company is looking to expand its market internationally or focus on customers in the US, there is a strong demand for bilingual skills. If you are a candidate who can speak more than one language, you can use this skill to help you receive a better position, better starting salary and more career options.

Bilingual Abilities Create Opportunities

If you think applying for a bilingual clerical job doesn’t offer you opportunities for advancement, then think again. Over two-thirds of American business executives are bilingual. And bilingual administrative positions offer employees more opportunities than standard clerical jobs. When it comes to promotions – if you can speak another language and another candidate cannot – you have increased your chances of advancing your career.

Bilingual Abilities Set You Apart

Only 18 percent of Americans are bilingual. This means your language skills set you apart from most candidates. If you are applying for any position, the fact you can speak another language is beneficial because it shows you are serious about your career.

If the position you are applying for requires you to be bilingual, you will be competing against fewer candidates, which offers you a better chance of getting the job.

Bilingual Skills Are Worth More

You can earn as much as 20 percent more an hour if you are bilingual. And if you are a Federal employee, you could earn an additional 5 percent as a pay differential. According to the 2005 Defense Authorization Act, Federal civilian employees who speak more than one language receive a monthly bonus of 5 percent or their monthly salary, while military personnel receive an extra $1,000 a month for their language skills.

There are often as many as 1,000 open bilingual positions posted across the country. If you are one of the 18 percent who can speak more than one language, you should leverage the skill to earn a better position. Reach out to Job Store Staffing today to see how we can help you connect with companies seeking your special skills.

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