Everyone likes to know that they are appreciated. When employees know that management appreciates them and the work they do, people are more engaged, loyal and productive. If you are looking to show employees you are thankful for the work they do, you can offer them more responsibility, more flexibility and more office benefits.


If you want to show employees you are thankful, give them more responsibility. Give them the information they need to make some of the decisions and the authority to help make business goals. This type of benefit is more valuable than just a one-time bonus or salary increase.


Along with responsibility, another way to show appreciation to your employees is to give them flexibility in terms of schedule, vacations and even spending accounts. Netflix is very loose with its company policies. Full time employees can take off as much time as they want and have carte blanche when it comes to expense accounts. All Netflix asks is that the employee considers the good of the organization when they plan vacations or spend money for work related items.

Office Benefits

Offering things such as free soda in the break room, a company gym or company-sponsored sports, will show employees they are a valuable asset to the organization. Google is well-known for its outlandish, benefits and people love working there. That was the goal of the founders when they created the organization: They wanted to make it the best place to work – and they succeeded.

Companies like Google and Netflix expect a lot from their employees. Workers are supposed to be the best in what they do, put in long hours, and keep the company’s best interests in mind in everything they do. But these companies also reward their employees for their efforts by giving them outstanding benefits, job flexibility and the ability to make decisions.

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