Companies research potential candidates online. Job searchers conduct their own research when reviewing open positions. Your online presence and reputation can be the deciding factor as to whether top candidates apply to your organization or a competitor.

Social Proof is Important

People research everything online, from the kind of smartwatch they want to buy to what companies they want to work for. Social proof is vital for companies to have a good online reputation. Statistics show that over 80 percent of people will look at what others are saying about an organization when considering an open position.

What Kind of Proof do They Want?

Candidates look at several different online aspects when doing research on an organization. They consider content on social media sites to see what people are saying about a company. They will also look at online reviews as part of the decision-making process. Some sites let past and current employees write reviews about companies and what it is like to work for them. Rating companies offers other candidates the opportunity to learn more about a company before they apply for a position.

How Do You Create a Positive Reputation?

What steps can you take to create a good online reputation? A social media presence is important because it helps communicate with customers, prospects and candidates. In addition to tweeting about the latest product launch, you should take time to review comments about your company. See if there are negative reviews or people who have had customer service issues with your company.

Try to resolve issues online before they spread and create a negative reputation for your organization. Share information online about your company and your niche. This will prove your company has expert knowledge in your market and increase your search engine ranking which should negate any adverse content that exists about your company.

People want to know they are working with a good organization that cares about its customers and its employees. You need to be transparent when marketing your company online and make sure customers are satisfied. Negative reviews will happen on occasion, but when they do, respond to them promptly to make sure that one dissatisfied customer doesn’t affect your company’s reputation. Not only will this drive away potential customers but also potential candidates.

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