Company culture is a concept that managers use to define the goals, mission, policies and environment of an organization. As an employee, you may not think that company culture is an important term for you to understand. If you don’t comprehend the environment of your organization, however, you may not be able to determine if you will be able to grow within your company. Because if the company culture of your organization doesn’t focus on employee success then your career has reached a dead end.

Does Your Company Focus on Team Success?

The team paradigm is integrated in most organizations. Just because a company has teams, however, it doesn’t mean that the organization promotes team success. If your organization still rewards the team leaders for the success of the group, then you may not be recognized as a valuable asset and worthy of promotion.

Businesses that understand all members of a team offer valuable contributions to the success of a project are companies that cherish employees as resources. Promotion from within and offering opportunities to excel are more likely with a company that values teams and you have a better chance of advancing your career.

Does Management Stand Behind Transparency Policies?

Transparency is a buzzword companies use to try to make customers think that the organization is being honest and forthright. In practice, however, many businesses only pay lip service to transparency while hiding agendas and processes from its employees or customers. A company that practices transparency, especially with employees, is one that proves it has nothing to hide and wants to earn the loyalty of its stakeholders. That is the type of company you can be proud to work for. In addition, it is an organization which will bring employees with it as it experiences growth in the market.

Does the Company Offer Cross-Training Opportunities?

If an organization’s culture is built for employee success, the company will offer cross-training opportunities. Cross training is an essential element for promotion to upper management, as well as helping employees to improve their skills and professional development. You will be able to advance horizontally as well as vertically within the company and the additional skills will increase your value to the organization.

Does the Company Offer Employees Leadership Opportunities?

An organization that promotes from within and values employees offers workers the chance to prove they possess leadership skills. When a company allows employees to lead a project, run a team or make decisions they are proving they have faith in their workers. It also offers employees the chance to obtain the experience necessary to qualify for management positions.

Does the Company Welcome Employee Input?

A positive company culture is one that revolves around the concept that innovative ideas don’t only come from management. Everyone involved with an organization has the potential to come up with the next great product idea or strategy that will save the business millions of dollars. If your company encourages employees to offer ideas, then it is an organization that is geared toward your success.

Company culture may be a popular concept, but not all cultures are built to promote employee success. If you work for a company that doesn’t value you as a skilled asset then contact us. Our recruiters can help you find an organization better suited to your career goals and will help you grow as an employee and a professional.

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