Use Your Smartphone to Land a Job

Your smartphone is a mini computer that you carry around.  You may even feel incomplete without it.  However, smartphones are not just about Candy Crush and Flappy Bird (if you are lucky enough to have it loaded).  You can use your smartphone to land a new job.
Here are five ways to use your Android, Windows or iPhone to get a job.

  1. Research.  During the job hunt, a large amount of time is spent on research.  However, busy schedules make it tough for that research to be desktop bound.  So when you’re on the go, take advantage of your phone’s browser. Most let you bookmark pages just as you would on a computer, so you can save relevant websites or interesting job postings to review later.
  1. Apply for a job.  Over 40% of people abandon an application when the mobile-apply process becomes too cumbersome or is absent. Employers are listening.  New mobile-friendly features on job search apps and job sites include instant sign-in, ability to only see jobs that allow mobile applications or ability to apply without a resume.
  1. Maps. Use your maps and traffic widgets to help you find your interview, know ahead of time how long it will take to travel and where traffic hotspots are so you can avoid unnecessary delays.
  1. Networking. During networking events, avoid missing out on a potential job lead by using a phone app that lets you capture someone’s information easily. Some apps to try out include CamCard and CardMunch.  For online networking, leverage LinkedIn to connect with those you have met or been introduced to.
  1. Apps, and more apps.  Load your smartphone with apps to help you actually locate job opportunities.  Many of the apps on Google Play or at the Apple App Store are similar.  The better ones enable the GPS on your phone to locate jobs close to you.  Here are a few to play with:
  • Monster – Search and apply for jobs.
  • Indeed – is the most comprehensive search engine for jobs, and that same power is now available on their app.
  • Careerbuilder This application offers a unique and powerful way to search nearly 2 million jobs on
  • Job Compass – This location-based job finder app tracks down job openings in your immediate vicinity by keyword.
  • Job Search by The Ladders – Delivers jobs right to your phone, and allows you to “like” a job to let a recruiter know you are interested. 
  • Resume Star- Fill in your information, and the app produces a correctly formatted PDF resume you can email, post online or print out.

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