Accidents Happen: It’s What You Do After That Counts

Accidents- they are bound to happen in the workplace. No matter how many safety seminars are conducted or precautions taken, employees are all human and mistakes are inevitable. While it is crucial to be as preventative as possible, we cannot ignore preparations for what will happen when an accident does occur. Conducting an accident report is an imperative step to take after a mishap. Documenting the details is key to improving safety in the future and protecting your business. Here are a few tips on how to conduct a thorough accident report:
Know your laws here in Colorado- Colorado follows the Federal OSHA guidelines, so speak with an attorney and research OSHA regulations before an accident happens.  This is an important way to protect your business. You may discover rules and regulations regarding the time and the way a report should be submitted. For example, if an injured employee needs to be hospitalized overnight, accidents may need to be reported within 24 hours. You will not want to find out about rules such as this the hard way.
Have an accident report template created- When an accident has occurred, time is of the essence. It is important to not waste that time trying to decide what to do next. Make a check list of steps to follow and save that lists in an easily accessible place. Part of this list should include the actual report template. The template should include employee name(s), time, date, supervisor, witnesses, and a description of the event. OSHA has example templates on their website that can be used as is or customized to fit your business’ specific needs.
Do not move any equipment involved- In the extremely unfortunate case of a fatality or catastrophe, it is critical that you do not move the involved equipment. You may need to tape off the area and await an investigation by OSHA and/or law enforcement.  Allowing these investigations to take place not only may bring closure to workers and their families, but they are essential in discovering future safety precautions.
While such serious accidents are difficult to think about, being ill prepared would make them even worse. Knowing the laws, having a plan in place, and letting the proper investigations ensue will help reduce stress and protect your business and employees.  To learn more about how working with a staffing firm in Colorado can limit your liability in the case of an accident, please contact Job Store Staffing today.

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