Use Personal Branding to Land Your Dream Job

Want a better job? So does everyone else! Use your personal brand to stand out.
Let’s face it, the job market is tough out there., a leading online group for recruiters and HR professionals, recently reported that the average corporate job opening receives 250 resumes. From those 250 resumes, typically only 4-6 people will be invited in for an initial interview and only 1-3 will be invited back for a final interview.
While looking at those numbers might scare you a bit, it’s not all doom and gloom.  Those 4-6 people that do get invited in for an interview aren’t just lucky, they did something to stand out from the crowd.  You can too!
Here are a few tips to strengthen your personal brand and stand out from other job applicants:
Build a strong social network. 
If you are connected with, and referred by, someone the hiring manager trusts, you may immediately stand out from the crowd. Don’t be shy about asking your connections for introductions.  This is part of business and can show the hiring manager you are resourceful and well connected.
Be mindful of what is posted about you online.
At some point in time you may have done or said something you regret! Unfortunately in today’s age of social media what happens in Vegas stays on Facebook and Twitter and Google!  A study by found that 91% of employers use social media to screen prospective employees.  So you need to be mindful of what’s being posted by, and about you.  Here are some tips:

  • Conduct a Google search on your name and review results.
  • Set up Google Alerts on your name so you are notified when someone does get indexed by Google.
  • Review photos, pictures, comments, etc. on Facebook and other social sites and remove items that may negatively impact your brand.
  • Ensure you haven’t posted negative comments about past employers or positions.
  • Consider posting content that highlights your professional growth, achievements, education,etc.
  • Complete your LinkedIn profile, connect with influencers in your industry and join and contribute to LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to your field.

Consider your resume a piece of marketing collateral.
A typical hiring manager will spend 30 seconds or less screening your resume the first time.  Will you end up in the circular file (aka trash can) or the call back pile?  Look for ways to make your resume really stand out.  Incorporate specific statistics and outcomes, highlight recommendations in an interesting way and be sure to adjust your resume for each unique position.
Don’t neglect the cover letter.
For some positions and hiring manager, a well-written cover letter can be just as important as a great resume.  Use a cover letter as a way to highlight how your specific skills and experience fit perfectly with the job description.  Just like your resume, your cover letter should be custom tailored for each position you apply for.
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