Ways to Build Your Reputation Online

We have all seen them – those social media stars who have a huge number of fans/followers.  They are influential, authentic, consistent, engaging and create useful content; their online reputation is stellar.  When they tweet or post, people listen – and respond.  They are seen as the “go-to” experts in their field. They have successfully… Read More »

How to Tell Your LinkedIn Job Search is Working

It’s easy to invest a lot of time and effort into online networking.  Literally hours of your day can be spent trolling through LinkedIn for contacts and fine-tuning your profile. But, like everything life, this time spent comes with a cost.  Is the time you are spending on LinkedIn worth it?  How can you tell if… Read More »

Is Your Résumé Recruiter Ready?

Can you send me a copy of your résumé?  Employed or unemployed… if you have received a call/email right out of the blue from a recruiter, you want to explore any/all possible career opportunities. What do you do if your résumé is so old it doesn’t even include your current job (or the one before… Read More »

Being Unforgettable to Employer

If you’re like most job seekers, you follow a set routine when looking for a new job.  You network and check online job postings.  When you locate a job that you are interested in, you write a targeted cover letter and enclose it with your résumé.  You then research the company and practice for the… Read More »