5 Ways to Show Your Boss You’re Ready for a Promotion

Creating your career path starts with a vision for the future. Where do you want to be in ten years? In twenty? These are the questions that matter as you make strides to improve your performance and cultivate a plan for your career. Once you have your vision solidified, it’s time to take the next step toward that goal. You’ll need to stand out among your co-workers if you want to advance your career by earning a promotion. To avoid being overlooked, here are five ways you can demonstrate your eagerness to your supervisor.

1.   A Positive Attitude

First and foremost, attitude goes hand and hand with performance. Even the most ambitious worker won’t climb the ladder with a gloomy outlook or pessimistic personality. You don’t need to do a song and dance each morning when you walk into the workplace, but your supervisor will expect you to maintain a positive attitude especially if you are angling for a promotion. Whether you’re working with colleagues or serving clients, keep your tone friendly and professional and remember that any promotion you want will require a worker that can play well with others.

2.   Ask for Increased Responsibility

To stand out as a candidate for promotion, ask for more work. Taking on increased responsibility or additional projects displays the initiative that managers seek. Try asking about upcoming projects that require input, or daily duties you are able to take over. Your boss will measure the quality of the work you do as well as the quantity. If you can master multiple areas, you’ll impress your team.

3.   Take on Your Supervisor’s Tasks

Ready to take it to the next level? Once you’ve asked for more tasks, you can really work toward a promotion by making your supervisor’s life easier. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more work you can take off your boss’ plate, the more you prove you’re ready for a promotion. Offer to pre-screen resumes during the hiring process, or to take on a project to prove you can handle that role.

4.   Be a Problem-Solver

Whether it’s between colleagues or clients, you need to be a problem-solver. Managers look for workers that can get the job done independently, especially if that means coming up with some creative workarounds. The more your supervisor can count on you to handle issues that come up without asking for assistance, the more respect you’ll gain.

5.   Ask for It

The promotion you’ve been looking for may be easy to attain if you just ask for it. Your supervisor may not think of you for the role right away or be unaware you are interested in a promotion. Sometimes a quick pitch is more than enough to get you the new role you’ve been seeking. A well-thought out talk with your supervisor gives you the opportunity to discuss your strengths and show why you deserve a promotion.

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