How Should I Handle Resume Lies?

You count on your team to handle daily duties, carry out projects, and work together effectively. However, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes your team members present unexpected challenges. Today we’re talking about how to handle resume lies. Whether you’re in the recruitment process or you’re onboarding new workers, here’s how you can manage the situation when someone falsifies information as a candidate.

Resume Fabrications

Some resume lies are minor, others can be serious violations. This can include:

    • Falsifying Employment Dates 
    • Claiming Awards or Achievements 
    • Lying about a Job 

Planning a Course of Action

You may want to strategize differently based on the infraction you’re detecting. For a smaller error, like an incorrect employment date, it’s important to discuss this with your new employee. It’s possible there has been a miscommunication or an honest mistake. Always give someone a chance to defend themselves so that you can make the most informed decision. You want to avoid snap judgements, or worse: a lawsuit.  

Time to Verify

The fastest way to sort the matter out is to take measures to verify resume lies. There are a few ways you can do this. First, always do a thorough reference check. If you hear hesitation, try to get the supervisor to elaborate on any issues. Reference checks can be up for interpretation, often requiring you to read between the lines. Sometimes “met all requirements” is coded language that can mean the applicant does the bare minimum. Secondly, you’re well within your rights to complete background checks on your candidates. Let applicants know you want to do a cursory check and most will be comfortable consenting to the process.

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