How to Stand Out Against Other Job Seekers

Between cover letters and resumes, there’s not a ton of space for originality. If you’re an individual that succeeds when you can express your creativity, the job search process may seem stifling. However, when you’re trying to find that perfect fit, it’s essential to give yourself as many opportunities as possible. To land the right job, you need to rise to the top of the candidate pool. Here’s how you can stand out against your competitors as a job seeker. 

Make Connections

Talk to most professionals and you’ll hear how many people gained their current role: they knew someone. It may not be ideal to hear, but it’s the way the job search works. Knowing an insider gets you a job faster. First, make your job search public. Post on social media and let your friends and family know that you’re on the job hunt. Colleagues can’t connect you with a new position if they don’t know you’re looking. Haven’t found the right connections? Create them! If you have an employer in mind, consider contacting an insider to get the scoop on the company you want to be a part of. 

Narrow Your Focus

Hiring managers want to see someone that can provide unique value to their organization. If you can brand yourself as an exceptional individual, you’ll stand out. Some resumes are just a list of different duties. Focus your resume and highlight your personal strengths to an employer. To set yourself apart from other candidates, you’ll want to clarify your search. Are you looking for a specific role? Try to create a career path for yourself and cultivate your job search from there. 

Think Outside the Box

In some industries, you can get creative with your resume and cover letter. Take a look at resources in your industry to see how you can create materials that stand out. If you’re seeking a position in a more traditional or formal setting, you can consider adding a subtle color to your heading. If you’re seeking more creative work, you can definitely play up your originality by using a different (still professional!) font, or mixing it up with a different format. 

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