The Three Rs of Attracting Skilled Trades Candidates During a Labor Shortage

You haven’t learned about the Three R’s since grammar school but trust us, these three R’s are much more relevant! Read below on how to attract the best skilled trade candidates during a labor shortage like the one in our current economy. 

1. Remain Open-Minded

Take a second look as resumes pile up. Before getting rid of a resume during a labor shortage, re-examine. Think about what you need in a candidate, and if it’s attainable with what each candidate has to offer. For example, if you’re hiring a sales rep with the requirement of a college diploma, you may want to broaden your horizons. If you find an applicant without a degree but with commensurate experience, invite them in for an interview. 

2. Ramp Up Recruitment

Increasing your efforts to attract talent can be simple. Instead of posting your listing in just one spot, branch out on social media to advertise your listing. Explore LinkedIn, Facebook Jobs, and Instagram to reach a younger audience and attract candidates with a different perspective. Want to go bigger? Try a job fair! Setting up a hiring event can increase incoming applications and help you gain access to more qualified workers. Contact local organizations or universities to set up a joint career fair where you can review resumes and offer interviews on the spot to qualified candidates. 

3. Referrals from Employees

One of the best ways to bring in reliable new hires is to recruit from people you trust. This is why employee referral programs are so popular. Hiring the right candidate can be a guessing game, but when you can rely on trustworthy intel the process is simplified. Offer a cash bonus to workers that refer friends or family to work with your organization. You can present your employees with this bonus when the recruit joins the team. Although referred workers may have less experience in your industry, they’ll come with a recommendation you can trust. 

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