Pride Brings Better Results: How to Improve Team Unity and Sense of Purpose

Teams are a vital part of the workplace. Managers have to help employees with different personalities and work styles create a cohesive unit in order to be productive. In order to create harmony and efficiency in the workplace, managers should work to improve morale and a sense of purpose in teams. Team Environment Teams take… Read More »

Is Your Workplace Keeping Up with Technology?

Technology is changing rapidly, and if you want to maintain an efficient workplace, your company needs to keep up. If your organization isn’t using cloud technology, social media, and mobile to leverage efficiency, then you may not be able to preserve a competitive advantage in your market. Cloudy with a Chance of Flexibility The cloud… Read More »

New Hiring Methods to Implement in 2015

There is no better time than the New Year to look back on what hiring practices have worked well and consider new practices to implement in the coming year. Hiring is one area where there is always room to improve and try new techniques that to increase your ability to find the best candidates. Consider… Read More »

Skills Are Nice, but Here's Why You Should Hire for Personality

Deciding who to hire is never easy. Looking over someone’s resume and meeting them once in an interview does not offer much evidence on whether that person will be able to succeed day-to-day with your company. The best indicator of success may not be the list of accomplishments and experience, but rather the candidate’s personality.… Read More »

10 Steps on Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated

As a manager, one of the big questions is how to keep employees motivated and productive on a daily basis.  Providing a competitive salary and benefits can only go so far.  In order to actually maintain employee engagement, you must find ways to make employees happy and make them feel like they’re a valuable part… Read More »

Top 5 tricks to get the best workers

As a manager, you have a lot invested in finding the right employees. Not only are you literally investing time and money in the hiring process, but you are looking for people who will ultimately contribute to the success or failure of your company. Finding the right employee can sometimes seem difficult, especially with the… Read More »

Are Your Employees Working Hard or Working Smart?

As a manager, it can be easy to look at an employee putting in long hours and automatically think they are doing good work, or vice versa. In fact, hard work isn’t always the same as good work. Being able to gauge the difference is key to managing productivity. Working smart doesn’t necessarily mean working… Read More »

Team Building Programs Your Employees will Love

Team building exercises are an important way to bring employees closer together and promote a collaborative, productive environment. If not done right, they can also be tedious, boring or campy for the staff. The key to a successful team building exercise is to find some activity that will promote team building and bring people together… Read More »

Do You Know How the ACA Will Impact Your Business?

The Affordable Care Act mandates that employers with more than 50 full-time workers provide health care to their employees or pay a penalty. But there are some complications, particularly when it comes to temporary workers. Understanding how the law affects your company is crucial to ensuring you are fulfilling your responsibilities. Here is a breakdown… Read More »

It’s Time For a Safety Audit

In you haven’t done so recently, consider conducting a safety check of your premises. Conducting a check is crucial to find any issues that may lead to injuries and lawsuits in the future. When conducting your check, be complete and thorough. Look through every part of the building and note anything that seems even a… Read More »