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New Year, New Resume: Setting the Stage for Career Success in 2024

JobStoreStaffing_Quantify Your Experience on Your Resume Using These 4 Tips

Your preparations for the new year should include creating a new resume for your job search. Having a new resume helps set the stage for career success in 2024.

Your resume serves as a marketing tool to showcase your education, skills, experience, and accomplishments. Showing your qualifications for a role and fit with company culture increases the likelihood of being contacted for interviews. The following methods can help.

Implement these tips to create a new resume to set the stage for career success in 2024.

Share Your Contact Information

Include your name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile at the top of your resume. This information helps hiring managers contact you for interviews.

Tailor Your Resume

Use the job description to customize your resume. For instance, focus on the job duties and responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications. Then, show how your education, skills, experience, and accomplishments set you up for success in the role.

Use Keywords

Include relevant keywords throughout your resume. You can use the job description, the company website, and common industry terms to determine which keywords to use.

Peppering relevant keywords throughout your resume helps it get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to a hiring manager. As a result, you could be contacted for an interview.

Mention Your Soft Skills

Include your relevant interpersonal skills. Examples include communication, organization, collaboration, leadership, and time management. These skills demonstrate your ability to interact with others and complete work.

Whereas hard skills can be taught, soft skills cannot. Therefore, these skills are especially important to hiring managers.

Focus on Your Work Experience

List your work experience for the past ten years. Start with your current role and work backward:

  • List your job title, the company name, city, and state, and your employment months and years.
  • Bullet point 3-5 relevant job duties and responsibilities.
  • Bullet point 3-5 relevant accomplishments.
  • Include action verbs such as “increased,” “decreased,” or “transformed.”

Emphasize Your Accomplishments

Quantify your relevant recognition, awards, and achievements. Show the value you provided for previous employers and can provide for your next employer.

Perhaps you increased revenue, saved time, decreased expenses, trained others, or led a team. For instance, “Saved $200,000 year over year, decreasing operating budget by 55%.”

Be Concise

Limit your resume to 1-2 pages. Sharing only relevant details helps the hiring manager skim your information. Concisely stating your qualifications for the role encourages the manager to contact you for an interview.

Proofread Your Resume

Read your resume multiple times. Ensure your information is free from spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Also, make sure your information flows and fits what the hiring manager is looking for. These elements increase the odds of scheduling an interview.

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