How Is AI Impacting Candidate Screening and Sourcing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves technologies that use algorithms to mimic how the human brain works. Machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and robotic process automation are among these technologies.

AI uses data to make decisions and learn from user interactions. This process lets the technologies continuously improve as they perform complex tasks.

Because of its effectiveness, AI continues to impact candidate screening and sourcing. The following are some ways that hiring managers use these technologies to simplify tasks and save time and money while finding top talent.

Discover how AI is impacting candidate screening and sourcing.

Candidate Sourcing

AI-based sourcing solutions help hiring managers quickly locate and connect with top candidates. These solutions use algorithms and machine learning to search internal databases, social media platforms, and job boards to uncover the most qualified candidates for a position. The technologies also provide data-driven insights and recommendations so managers can make informed decisions.

Some AI-based sourcing solutions let hiring managers connect with candidates in real time. Other solutions have a chatbot that interacts with candidates to determine which position best fits them and how to apply. The range of benefits increases efficiency and accuracy in candidate sourcing.

Candidate Screening

AI-based screening solutions quickly extract relevant information from resumes to determine which candidates qualify for a role. Hiring managers use this information to determine which candidates to contact for interviews.

Some AI-based screening solutions parse behavioral evaluations to determine how well a candidate’s personality or behavior patterns would fit with a position. Hiring managers use this insight to determine which candidates have the greatest potential to succeed in a role. The findings impact which candidates receive job offers.

Candidate Assessment

AI-based assessment solutions use gamification, skills testing, and behavioral assessments to efficiently measure candidate competency and personality traits. AI algorithms analyze the data generated by these comprehensive assessments to provide an in-depth report on a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, social skills, and cultural fit.

Candidate Interviews

AI-based interview solutions use text-based interactions and video calls to conduct pre-screening interviews. Machine learning algorithms analyze these recorded conversations to determine which candidates should move to the next round of interviews.

These AI-based interview solutions use voice and facial expression analysis to determine a candidate’s tone, demeanor, and emotional state. The solutions also provide information about how long the candidate took to answer each question, their level of engagement throughout the interview, and other details about the candidate’s performance. These insights are combined with the candidate’s answers to provide a comprehensive picture of their personality and fit with the position.

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