Everything You Need to Know About the Public Health Emergency Whistle-Blower Law

Colorado employers need to be in the loop regarding the new regulations going into effect during 2021. The emergency whistle-blower regulation is the latest change in Colorado policy that will impact many industries, especially those agencies creating job postings. Read on to learn more about how the new law will help protect workers.

Public Health Emergency Whistleblower Law

Called PHEW for short, this new whistleblower law was created to enforce a higher standard for employers and protect workers at every level. This is especially important for employees that don’t have an abundance of protection in their workplace.

What’s in the Law?

The PHEW law will include protections for current employees that call out safety concerns during an emergency. When a crisis occurs, this new regulation guarantees safety for the brave workers willing to blow the whistle on dangerous situations on the job. Employers are now subject to state law if they interfere, rather than federal policy.

What Happens?

This law springs into action in a scenario where a supervisor takes retaliatory action, such as cutting hours or firing someone that complains. That sidelined employee is entitled to file a lawsuit for discrimination. As an employer, it will be important for you to know that you are liable for lost wages if the terms of this whistleblower law are met.

What’s Next?

First, respect your employees. If someone’s calling you out in regards to a potential public health emergency, listen to them. Avoid any punitive action until you know the full situation. Looking for ways to prevent a safety crisis on the job? Check out Job Store Staffing’s website for tips on maintaining a safe workspace and abiding by OSHA regulations.

Job Store Staffing is Here for You

While you can’t prevent minor mistakes, it’s up to you to operate an efficient and effective workspace that keeps your employees happy and safe. Wondering how you can make this happen? Contact The Job Store today.

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