Accommodating the Working Parents on Your Team

The top leaders employ some rare qualities to support their team, and one may surprise you: empathy. Understand that for some of your workforce, the work isn’t done when they leave the office. Contributing at home is its own full-time job, and if you can show some respect to those efforts, you’ll be counted as an above-and-beyond boss. Job Store Staffing is a woman-owned business with expertise in work-life balance, so we’ll share some of our top tips on how to demonstrate empathy and accommodate working parents.


Connect with your crew! Now more than ever, you’ve got to prioritize that one-on-one with your integral team members. Schedule specific times set aside for regular meet-ups. While some are experiencing Zoom fatigue, others are likely looking for ways to engage with their community. Imagine someone with a couple of toddlers at home – they may be craving an adult conversation! Communication is a two-way street in the workplace – you need to share insight but also take time to listen.

Be Flexible

As long as the work is done, methods and timing can be changed. Find ways to offer alternative options to your working parents when you can. Sometimes a deadline is a deadline, but on lighter days, try extending different shifts or remote working if you’re not utilizing it already.

Show Appreciation

You know how it feels to be appreciated, and you want to extend that to your workers. Working parents are more likely to be worried about job responsibility, and they’ll feel more valued if you can reassure them. Show them tangible ways you intend to include them in future opportunities, and offer professional development to double down on investing in their careers.

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