How to Get Your Resume Recruiter-Ready

The working world has changed, but the way to connect with potential employers has not. Whether you’ve recently been laid off or you are searching for the next step in your career journey, you need an up-to-date resume that reflects your best accomplishments. If your resume is a little dusty, we can help! The experts at Job Store Staffing tweak tons of resumes to connects great candidates to the right job opportunities: here are the top three tips you need to get your resume recruiter-ready.

Regular Updates

Even if you are gainfully employed, you should be updating your resume every few months. If you spend a long time in a position before you update your details, you may forget the salient ones. Take notes on your daily duties so you can update your documents accordingly when the time comes. You don’t want to wait too long and forget about the responsibilities you held or projects you managed.

Be Concise

A short and sweet resume will get you the job every time. You do not need five pages to explain your accomplishments—experiment with using a few bold words instead of lengthy descriptions. You can make a strong impression by keeping it short and skimmable to avoid a lengthy resume that will put off recruiters.


Speaking of bold words, make sure your language is strong and accurate. You should be hyping up your professional prowess while staying true to your contributions. Be honest. Utilize attention-grabbing language. Instead of “did stock work,” try “managed inventory.” Your work is important – make sure it sounds like it!

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