How You Can Prepare for a Behavioral Job Interview

You know that Job Store Staffing is the go-to for interview insight. We’ve talked in the past about behavioral interview questions. But how can you make sure you’re prepared for a behavioral job interview? This method is new to a lot of people, so don’t feel pressured to figure it out overnight. We’re here to shed some light on getting ready to ace your behavioral job interview. 


Read what you can before the interview – anything you can get your hands on that will help you be more informed. This starts with the job description and any application information you can obtain, and extends to the company website and social media posts. You can learn so much with a quick search: company values, culture, even specifics on your interviewer. Plus, employers will expect you to cover your bases. 

Write It Out 

One strategy we recommend to job seekers during interview prep is to take notes on your own career. Write a freeform list of your various jobs and accomplishments. No one needs to see it, so it can be messy. This serves the purpose of getting all of your professional achievements throughout your entire path on paper, which helps you with behavioral interviews. This interviewing method often includes questions that encourage personal stories and specific work scenarios from your previous experience, so getting everything on paper can help you craft your narratives.   

Confidence and Presence 

The number one way to prove yourself in an interview is to shed your nerves and show confidence. If your answers are shaky and you lack clear, concise communication? You won’t get the gig. Instead, practicing your pitch beforehand and projecting your personality can lead to a successful interview. Remember, an employer isn’t looking for someone that can parrot back their company mission; they are looking for a good fit. Selling your personality can be just as important as your resume. 

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