What Recruitment Challenges Will You Face Throughout This Year?

Employers have had their fair share of struggles this year, and the obstacles aren’t over yet. During a pandemic, many organizations can’t operate as “business as usual”. Turning troubling times into a recruitment success will take more than good luck. If you want to prepare for recruitment challenges, you need to be aware of them. Here’s what hiring managers are up against: 

Limited Candidates 

A talent shortage can be a real problem. While the unemployment rate is high, the key is identifying qualified candidates, which may be lacking in today’s job market. More often than not, you want your workers to hit the ground running. Investing time and energy into untrained newbies can be frustrating and a huge allocation of resources. This can be particularly dangerous if you experience turnover and have to start from scratch. Use your existing network to find great recruits. An employee referral program may yield strong, fast results. Ask your current workers to bring in appropriate candidates, and sweeten the deal with a cash incentive to get workers in the door ASAP. 

Beyond Your Borders 

One modern recruitment challenge is breaking away from traditional hiring pleas and reaching candidates where they are. Posting on basic job boards isn’t enough these days. You’re not going to find professionals ready to go – you’re more likely to encounter total beginners. If you’re not working with a staffing agency to source qualified prospects, try new marketing avenues. These days, you should be on: 

    • Facebook 
    • Twitter 
    • Instagram 
    • Snapchat 
    • LinkedIn 
    • Pinterest 

Staying savvy on social media can also help you yield passive candidates. 

Proactive Contact 

Stellar employers don’t sort through resumes – they take an active role in recruiting. This means if you know you’re going to have a role opening up, you should already have options available to fill it. When you’re preparing to hire, focus on targeting passive candidates. This is a particularly effective option when many businesses aren’t hiring. Reaching out to gainfully employed individuals through strategic networking, and show them why your company is a better fit.   

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