National Safety Month: Emergency Preparedness for Your Employees

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, it’s more important now than ever for organizations to have a solid emergency preparedness/crisis plan. When disaster strikes, a manager must jump into action. It’s your time to show strength in leadership. Whether you encounter an accident on-site or a pandemic out in the world, you need to feel confident in your ability to direct your team and guide them through a challenging situation. 


Depending on your crisis, you’ll have to establish who needs to know what. For example, one crisis may mean you simply need to inform your supervisor. A large-scale disaster in the workplace could entail notifying all employees promptly as well as reporting the situation to authorities. You may need a phone tree or a quick contact method like Slack or Skype for Business. 

Action Planning 

In anticipation of a crisis, your office should have an outlined strategy for any worst-case scenario (like a pandemic!). Be prepared for any scenario. During an emergency, being able to consult a pre-planned tactical outline will allow you to keep your team safe. Whether it’s an emergency binder or a flowchart on your internal website, there are a number of ways you can document your emergency plan. 


If all of this is sounding a bit overwhelming on top of your current duties, don’t stress. Most robust companies generate an additional role to manage these responsibilities. This doesn’t need to be a full-time hire, simply designate a safety coordinator. Assign a staff member to manage your established safety procedure and to maintain standards, such as labeling entrances and exits and updating emergency contact information. 

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