7 Ways to Stay Cool on the Job in the Summertime

When working in an industrial position, you probably know that summer can be tough. It’s difficult to keep a warehouse or work floor properly ventilated in warmer months. When you’re in a hot climate, it can be downright impossible. So how do you cope? Job Store Staffing is sharing the top seven ways light industrial workers can stay safe and stay cool/comfortable while working in hot environments in the summer. 

1. Stay Hydrated 

Cool water is your best friend when you’re working in a hot industrial setting. Your employer should have a water cooler, bottle filler, or fountains in place throughout the facility. If not, make it happen! Hot days in an industrial position can be dangerous, and your number one line of defense is water. Consider bringing a large bottle or canteen of ice to add to your water, or let it melt throughout the day. 

2. Ventilation 

Whether your industrial factory or warehouse is air-conditioned in the warmer months, you may still be in an area with poor cool air circulation. Often your position on the job can dictate whether you stay cool or not. Adding more forced ventilation is your best way to keep your environment cool — consider standing or box fans.  

3. Keep Your Energy Up 

Light industrial work is challenging, and you need to be at your best. To keep your brain healthy and maintain great energy levels, eat up! We recommend pairing your lunch with two small snacks in the morning and afternoon, if you’re working a traditional shift. Healthy snacks like string cheese, nuts, eggs, or fruit can keep you going on a tough job. 

4. Light Clothing 

Many work settings will provide safety clothing and equipment, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious. In addition to goggles or coveralls or steel-toed boots, think of the ways you can maintain a lower body temperature while on the job. For example, you may want cooling pads for under your hard hat, or a cooling vest to lower your body temp. 

5. Split Shifts 

If your manager takes safety seriously, they may be willing to be flexible with workers toiling in the hottest conditions. Try creative solutions to the dangerous heat, such as small breaks throughout the day to keep your energy up, or one long break midday to avoid the heat at its worst. 

6. Take Breaks 

Overexerting yourself in the heat is hazardous to your health. That’s why it’s so important, especially if you’re doing physical labor for extended periods of time, to take breaks. You can rest in a chair or even against a wall if needed. We recommend stretching your muscles at least every hour to prevent injury and strain. If you’re feeling tired or even lightheaded, relax for a short period of time. 

7. Boost Your Electrolytes 

If water doesn’t cut it, consider keeping electrolyte replacement beverages on hand. A quick sip of Gatorade or Powerade may help you feel rejuvenated and prevent you from feeling the dangerous side effects of muscle cramps and headaches. Grab a bottle from the gas station or store some powder mix in your work area. 

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