National Safety Month: How to Stay Safe & Healthy While Working in a Warehouse

If you’re not new to working in a warehouse, you are well aware of how dangerous it can be. Even minute mistakes at other jobs can be costly errors when operating in a warehouse. Here’s how you can be secure and healthy on the job in a warehouse setting, especially with the coronavirus issue being so prevalent.  

Take Advantage of Leave 

The best way to keep healthy is to use your sick time! So many workers lose out on days off that end up expiring. If you aren’t well and you receive permission, take the day off. If you attend work while ill before recovering, you will infect others while on the job. A contagious worker is the very last thing your boss wants when managing a warehouse. 

Maintaining the Warehouse 

Improve upon your safety measures as needed, whether that involves new equipment, updated facilities, or OSHA training refreshers. Act as your own inspector, walking the warehouse and making sure things are in place. If you notice that something needs to be updated, or replaced, talk to management. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Additionally, OSHA training is required annually, so if your supervisor isn’t facilitating your updated knowledge, find a way to include it in your to-do list. 

Developing Rapport and Communication 

To maintain a safe and healthy team, you need your employees to trust you. Developing a strong team bond can help your team avoid danger. For example, if you create a culture of overworked, super-stressed workers, you may see two hazards. First, fatigued or apathetic workers are more likely to cause a safety violation in the workplace. Additionally, if your workers are not taking care of themselves, they may fall ill. 

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