What Recruitment Challenges Will You Face After Coronavirus? 

Many leaders are scrambling to implement effective work plans during the COVID-19 crisis. When the dust settles, the trouble isn’t necessarily over. Your coronavirus concerns may not be over when you get to open your doors for business once more. If you’re managing a team, you may be facing a wave of recruitment challenges when you attempt to expand. Here’s what you should anticipate: 

The Domino Effect 

Leadership during the coronavirus crisis can be challenging, and you may have faced some tough decisions, including layoffs, furloughs, or reduced hours. When you finally get the green light to operate as usual, you may not have the working capital to hire fresh faces. Being short on funds can hurt your business, but it can also bring it to a standstill. A true Catch-22: you don’t have enough hands on your team to provide your product or service, but you don’t have enough cash on hand to recruit. 

Business As Usual 

It may be incredibly difficult to find time for posting jobs and interviewing candidates. When the coronavirus crisis finally ends, you’ll have a lot to manage. Backordered products, projects on the backburner, there’s a lot to tackle before you can focus on onboarding some new recruits. Getting back up and running to the status quo could take weeks or months. Also, don’t forget – you won’t be the only business in town hiring, so you’ll need to act fast. 

Passive Candidates 

Prepare for an uphill battle to recruit passive candidates. In the wake of coronavirus, an employee’s priority will likely be getting things back to normal at work, not seeking out a completely different position. While they may have been open to a change before the crisis, it’s likely not an option during and after. Many employees will be slammed with responsibilities and won’t have the option to browse LinkedIn or explore other opportunities.  

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