Want to Turn Your Temporary Position into a Permanent Job?

When you snag a temp position with a staffing agency, it’s typically to fill an employment gap and get you ready for your next step. However, you may not have a plan. Maybe you want to stick with the organization, or just go with the flow until the end of your contract. No matter your path, it’s essential to plan for the long haul. Here’s how you can create a route to take your temp position to a permanent job.

Be a Great Temp

First, it’s important to do everything right to stand out. Whether you’re the only temp or there’s a full workforce of contract employees, it’s up to you to make a strong enough impression that you’re worth keeping on the staff. Be sure to take initiative and complete all tasks while being a communicative and reliable member of the team.

Complete Your Research

If you were hired as a temp, it’s possible you had to hit the ground running without a quality onboarding experience. This means if you’re looking for an extension or a promotion, now’s the time to do your research about the organization and your role in it. Know the company inside and out by asking about different jobs and scanning the website for the mission and goals of the organization to show your supervisor that you’re committed to the workplace and ready to advance.

Prove You Fit

Job Store professionals want to let you in on a little secret – hiring managers don’t want to bring in a new recruit. They want to find someone internal to bring on to simplify the process. Hiring is a huge ordeal, and when a great leader creates a job posting, they’re looking for the perfect fit. As a temporary worker, you have a leg up on new applicants with the best argument for a manager: making your role permanent would be a seamless transition. No paperwork, plus you’ve been doing the job so you are a great fit for the team. All you have to do is impress your boss in your current role to prove you deserve the spot.

Find Your Next Job with Job Store Staffing!

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