How to Be a Leader Instead of a Boss

Bosses make demands and bark instructions, but leaders inspire their team to succeed and innovate. If you’re looking to be more than a boss, it’s time to step into a leadership role. To get down to the details, our team of experts at Job Store Staffing is taking a look at what it takes to transform from a competent boss to a confident leader.

Creating Connections

Employees must feel comfortable and confident in their peers and with their supervisors to thrive in their careers. You want to establish that trust that makes workers look forward to coming in each workday, and also helps you to know they’ll come to you when there’s a problem.  To generate that all-important rapport, you’ll need to find ways to bring your workers together. Try some simple ways to create connections:

  • Weekly one-on-ones with your reports
  • Being open to sharing to form bonds and create trust
  • Avoid micromanaging
  • Host non-work events to allows for social time

Dig Deeper

To create a truly transformational work experience for your employees, you need to do more than boss people around. Leadership is all about inspiration and providing your workers with tools and opportunities to show their potential. Whether it’s a new project or a problem that needs a solution, delegate to your staff. This can demonstrate your trust in them and give them a chance to shine on their own.

Charting a Future Course

Sometimes workers are just waiting to get to the next level. Your team thrives on productivity too, and individuals generally are looking to learn new things and enhance their abilities. Upward mobility is important, especially to workers at the entry-level. If you don’t offer growth opportunities, workers will know they aren’t reaching their potential and begin exploring other options. Encouraging employee development is key to retaining your best staff members.

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