Tips for Updating a Resume in 2020

If you’re ready to jump into your job search in 2020, you need every professional tool available. This includes a killer resume with a concise listing of your experiences and abilities. Here are the tools you need to update your resume going into the new year.

Ditch the Extra Details

First, review your resume for any unnecessary information. This can include removing a job from ten years ago that you won’t need after adding new information and taking out anything that can be seen as outdated. For example, most hiring managers will agree that you no longer need to include your home address on your resume – it’s less common for offer letters to be mailed out. Additionally, you can exclude things that are no longer relevant: skill with Microsoft Word doesn’t need to be on your resume in 2020.

Personalize Your Search

If you’re submitting the same resume again and again to different job postings, that’s a big mistake. If you were a hiring manager, would you want to see the same standard-issue document that everyone else sends in as they apply for multiple positions? Set yourself apart from the pack by pinpointing the company’s needs and using the job listing info to re-work your resume. Using the same phrases in your resume that the posting includes is a surefire way to grab some attention.

Bring the Power

Some resumes get overlooked – remember that you only get one chance to grab a hiring manager’s attention, and most resumes only get a quick skim by human resources. To command attention as an applicant, you’ll need to utilize strong action words. Descriptive, attention-grabbing words will help you compel a manager to take your resume seriously: you didn’t answer phones, you fielded client concerns. Enhance your existing work experience simply by taking your vocabulary to the next level.

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