3 Things That May Be Making You Unhappy at Work

There are a large number of professionals that experience a sinking feeling each Sunday night. They start to dread the next day, thinking about the volume of work piling up or the frustrating conversations that might ensue with clients or colleagues. This sensation has been dubbed the “Sunday Scaries” and can dampen the mood of anyone who dreads returning to work after a weekend off. If you experience the Sunday Scaries, it’s time to take a hard look at the things making you unhappy at work.


  1. Your Supervisor

A strained relationship with your immediate superior can be detrimental to every aspect of your job. While it’s not something you can typically fix overnight, you’ve got a couple of options:

  • Start a conversation: Discuss the tension and try to have a productive talk about why you’re butting heads.
  • Join a new team: A lateral move can help you focus on the task at hand rather than confrontations with your boss.
  • Seek further help: If the issue with your boss is serious, consider consulting with the next rung up the ladder or a discussion with human resources.
  1. Your Work

We have all dealt with having an annoying task to tackle, or getting through the most annoying duties of the day. If you’re not inspired by your work, it can really put you in a funk. Being assigned work that’s not in your job description can damage your morale and impact your ability to execute your responsibilities. If it’s a temporary situation, do your best to tough it out. If your work is really getting frustrating, talk to your supervisor to discuss your options.

  1. Your Attitude

If these are not your concerns, it may be time to look inward. Feeling miserable at work every day regardless of what goes on? Check your attitude! A positive mindset is proven to produce better outcomes, and optimism can take you a long way. Try something to get your head right in the mornings like positive affirmations or meditation. If you’re coping with something more serious like a mood disorder or depression, reach out and get help right away. Check out your options for therapy and see if your company offers any resources to help you succeed.


Looking for a new job?

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