Job Store Staffing’s Greatest Hits: Top Blogs of 2018

This year we’ve imparted a lot of wisdom, so we wanted to simplify for you as we enter 2019. Here are our greatest hits from 2018, whether you’re a novice job seeker or a veteran employer. These are some of our best blogs from the past year.

Keep Your Materials Updated

Whether you’re searching for a new position or comfortable in your role, you need to consistently update your resume. Our best advice for adding to your resume is simple, and you can find it right here.

Be An Interview Expert

Thousands of applicants, hundreds of cover letters, and an employer chooses you to meet with. Don’t mess up your interview! We’ve cultivated the top three mistakes inexperienced job seekers make, so you know exactly what to avoid.

You Got the Job! What’s Next?

You nailed the interview! It can be tempting to shout about your new job from the rooftops, but make sure you’ve got everything in place first. In April, we wrote about next steps after you receive a job offer. Be cautious and make sure everything looks right, and check out our tips before you do any shouting.

Cultivate a Cohesive Team

Once you’ve got some terrific new hires, it’s your responsibility as a manager to unite your staff and inspire them to collaborate. If your team could use a boost, here’s our list of team-building exercises that will inspire your team to work together.

Manage Your Leadership Style

Don’t underestimate your strategy! Your leadership style can really impact how your staff members operate, and if your technique is too harsh, you may experience low morale and even turnover. Our article from March explains the four tips you need to revamp your leadership style to inspire productivity from your workers.

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