Check These Things Off Before You Accept a Job Offer

So many professionals have found out the hard way that fine print isn’t always so fine. A hiring manager says they’ve selected you, and it’s hard not to feel anything but thrilled. However, the best candidates bring with them a healthy dose of skepticism. When it’s time to accept, you need to make sure you’re protecting yourself and making the right choice for your career. Here’s what you’ll need to check off before you say yes:

Job Duties

A clear representation of your duties should be outlined in your offer letter, so you can review what’s expected. This can help you down the road as well, in case your supervisor asks you to complete tasks that are not in your job description.

Expected Shift

Before you accept a position, you want to ensure you know what hours are expected. Employers might surprise you with a mandatory monthly Saturday shift, or perhaps you need to tailor your work schedule around other responsibilities. Don’t wait until your training begins to get this settled. Establish your schedule early on to avoid any miscommunication.


Your base salary or hourly rate should be agreed upon in the formal offer letter, as well as any bonuses you’re slated to receive. If something isn’t lining up, reach out to the hiring manager or someone else in the HR department that may know the reason behind the discrepancy.


If certain benefits were discussed on the phone or during the interview, it helps to follow up. Standard agreements won’t need your special attention. However, if you discussed something specific like a company car or phone bill subsidies, have this outlined in your contract. You’ll also want in writing any bonuses you were promised, and when you will receive them. This way, you can prevent losing out on negotiated funds. Don’t be shy about solidifying these details – you’re going to earn them.

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