How to Ruin Your Interview in Just 3 Steps

Meeting a potential employer can make or break your career, so the interview is a crucial step in your path to success. To make a positive lasting impression, you need to cover your bases. The fastest ways to fail in an interview setting are often the most simple. If you’re wondering how you ruin an interview in just three steps, read on.

1.) You’re Late

It’s rude, thoughtless, and it shows you can’t even meet the most basic expectations. Being late for your interview is sometimes unforgivable. If you’re unsure about anything regarding your interview – the parking situation, the location of the meeting, the best route to travel – build an extra 15 minutes into your schedule. If you have an interview at 9:00 am, you should plan to walk in the door at 8:45 am, without factoring in parking, traffic and preparing yourself.

2.) You’re Unprofessional

Sometimes the most simple things make an impact. The first impression a job candidate makes is their appearance. Sitting up straight and presenting yourself with confidence makes all the difference during a meeting. “Interview basics” aren’t just basics: they’re essentials. A strong handshake, professional dress, and good posture are necessary. Body language is a huge indicator of how much you want the job, so be sure to portray your enthusiasm.

3.) You’re Unprepared

Not doing your research on the company you aspire to join is seriously disappointing. Interviewers spend lots of resources on the hiring process, and you have to make an investment, as well. Sometimes a quick google search will give you enough information to be well-informed for your interview. In other scenarios, you may need to do some serious homework to learn about what the company offers and how you can be an asset to their team.

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