Recognizing Good Employees… On a Budget

The number one reason for high turnover? Employees not feeling appreciated. You can quickly lose your most qualified workers by neglecting them. Staff members need a sense of purpose when they clock in each day, and it’s your responsibility to provide that. Job Store Staffing® is a growing local family-owned Colorado business, so our staff understands the pressures of recognition on a budget. Here are our top tips on how you can show appreciation in small ways that don’t affect your bottom line.

Make Gestures Meaningful

A gift card for a coffee shop can brighten someone’s day, but look beyond the conventional to really impress your employees. Thoughtful recognition is so much more important than trinkets or gift certificates. Start by creating a connection with your workers, learning about their interests, and then giving gifts based on those connections. If you know your staff member has a sweet tooth, drop some cupcakes by their desk. Recognizing top performers thoughtfully will set you apart as an excellent manager.

Verbal Praise Makes a Difference

Rewarding your staff isn’t always about raises and bonuses. Sometimes your employees just want some simple words of appreciation. Whether you see a worker experiencing a tough day, or they’ve just completed a project, step up and acknowledge the hard work of your team. Additionally, it helps to point out their hard work to a client or colleague so they can also show respect.

Provide a Path

Any research will show you employees crave opportunities for growth. Increase responsibilities for worthy workers, or ask if there’s a particular project they’d like to develop. If there aren’t opportunities to add on tasks, give them time to attend professional development seminars or educational web sessions so that they can hone their skills. You’ll gain respect and encourage leadership potential, which benefits the entire team.

Ready for more information?

If you’re seeking more tips on how to manage your team, check out Job Store Staffing®. As a top Colorado Staffing agency, we know how you and your team can stand out in your field. Contact us today to learn more.

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