Team-Building Exercises to Help Build Trust in Your Workplace

Teams don’t succeed without trust. Whether it’s the Denver Broncos or the customer service reps, harmony is vital to achieve a common goal. Sometimes the people get you through the day. Employees often thrive when they get along well with their co-workers. But getting along isn’t enough, your people need to have a strong foundation of trust if they are going to work closely on a project. Here are our favorite team-building techniques to help you create a cohesive team environment.

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt! Your people will enjoy this bonding experience because it reminds them of simpler times. Whether you want to stage an adventure around town or plan a scavenger hunt within the walls of your office, take some time to think of clues that will help your employees work together to succeed with a cooperative effort. Try asking for pictures of different landmarks, or have staff ask other workers for different items to collect. Your employees will develop teamwork skills and learn to trust one another.


If you want to really loosen people up, try a fun game like Mines. Almost as if you’re in a battlefield, lay out some items on the floor that your people don’t want to step on. Split your workers into teams of two, with one trekking through the minefield and the other blindfolded, providing directions. On your word, staff members will have to help their counterparts make it through the “mines” to the other side of the room successfully. You’ll quickly hear leadership skills develop and know which staff members are capable of being very patient, and concise and effective communication.


Playing a simple game like Pictionary will help workers rely on others and learn their communication style. Everyone describes things differently, and even if you’re not working with an artist, you’ll be able to see someone’s vision. Trying to guess a picture as it’s being drawn will help your team members learn how to make new connections and think quickly. This icebreaker is also a great team project because it can be played with many people, and it’s a more creative way to let your people socialize.

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