3 Hacks For Calming Your Nerves Before Your Big Interview

The big interview: It can be an exciting opportunity, or a stressful test of your abilities. Any professional will tell you that interviews are all about being prepared and confident. Keeping a cool head is essential to landing the position you want, whether you’re walking into the first interview or the last. If you’re feeling the pressure, we’ve got some tips on how to alleviate your stress before you sit down with a potential employer.

Hack One: Do Your Homework

No matter how many interviews you’ve had, preparation for this specific meeting is half the battle. You should never expect to “wing it,” no matter what the job is. To capitalize on your upcoming opportunity, you need to invest your time into getting to know the company. Research their purpose and spend some time on their website collecting information. You should also prepare for the interview process itself. Know the tough questions, and make sure you’re ready to answer them.

Hack Two: Channel Confidence

Whether you’re a regular yogi or you’ve never taken “zen” seriously, this is one of the best ways you can center yourself and keep a cool head before a big interview. You can try a few different techniques to “find your zen” and enter a more relaxed state of mind. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Try meditation or prayer, whatever suits your spiritual side. Ten minutes of thoughtful reflection can totally reverse a negative mindset.
  • Breathe deep. Taking five deep breaths can have a very relaxing effect.
  • Avoid coffee or stimulants that will make you too wired.

Hack Three: Channel Confidence

You have to be prepared for an interview, but projecting confidence is an important tool as well. You need to smile, walk tall and dress for success to make a great first impression. To make sure you’ve got the best possible attitude as you enter your interview, try some positive self-talk. It might seem silly at first, but you’re about to brag about your accomplishments in your interview, so start now! Tell yourself you’ve got this, and even make a list of all the reasons you’d be perfect for the job. Your optimism will make you stand out, and having the skills to back it up will make you the ideal candidate.

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