What Are Transferable Skills and How Can I Show Them Off?

Are you ready for a career change? Searching for a new position, but worried about having a successful transition? To shift directions and find the right fit, you’ll need transferable skills. We’re here to explain what they are, how they’ll help you, and how to achieve success finding a new role.

Transferable Skills

Whether you’re in an interview or just applying for new types of positions, potential employers will ask you what your “transferable skills” are.  So, what do you say? Transferable skills fall into the following three categories:

  • Knowledge – Your education and experience you’ve gained over the years.
  • Function – Your hard abilities: writing, for example. If you’ve got a history in quality control, that skill can transition you to a successful career in supply chain management.
  • Personality – Your approach to situations and unique characteristics.

When you move into a new industry or are looking to find a different role, these are the transferable skills you can use to impress a new employer.

Make a List

All successful endeavors, professional or otherwise, start with a plan. Once you’ve identified your transferable skills, find any experiences from past positions you can use to launch yourself into a new field. As you check out job listings, use your list of skills and match them up to what recruiters seek. If you’re missing something important, like a license or a certification, take action and complete that step.

Broadcasting Your Talents

Once you’ve identified and analyzed your skills, it’s time to display them. You can talk about your transferable skills on your social media pages or LinkedIn account where colleagues can endorse them. List them in your resume and on your cover letter to show your versatility. Finally, once you get an interview, be descriptive about what you’ve done and how it can translate flawlessly into the industry you want to enter. Show potential employers your prior experience isn’t lost time, and your diverse abilities will make you an asset to the team.
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