9 Secrets to Motivating Your Employees

When you’re leading a team, it’s essential to keep motivating your employees. If you feel like it’s difficult to keep your workers on task, or you want your team thinking about the big picture, here are our nine secrets on how best to keep motivating your employees.

1. Making a Difference

Inspiring others is simple when there is a common goal. No matter what industry you are in, you can always remind your workers there is a greater good, and they make a difference in the world. If you’re having trouble convincing your team of your mission, consider a monetary donation or community immersion project. Giving back is a great way to show your staff that they are making a difference.

2. Belief in the Organization

Your employees need to trust in the mission and vision of your organization. All company training material should make the goals of your organization clear. Emphasize your commitment to the company, and your workers will mimic that dedication.

3. Positive Client Relationships

Managers can sometimes miss the little things that employees struggle with day to day. One way to make sure your employees are reaching their full potential is to make sure relationships with clients are good. Employee retention suffers when workers have to deal with belligerent customers every day. Make an effort to work with good people that see how hard your staff works.

4. Positive Co-Worker Relationships

One of the reasons employees leave is tension among staff members. Employees who have conflicts with colleagues or supervisors won’t stay put long. Make employee relations a priority by mediating conflict as it arises, and providing opportunities for team building in and out of the workplace.

5. Effective Direction

A quick way to lose an employee is to exhibit poor leadership. Your team should always know what the next move is, and it’s easy for someone to move on if they don’t feel like they’re receiving effective direction. Use a balanced leadership approach to be firm but fair when it comes to assigning tasks and tackling problems.

6. Encourage Growth

Always make your staff feel like there’s an opportunity for upward mobility. Create future leaders by giving entry-level workers networking opportunities. Meeting professionals in the field will expose them to industry standards. Encourage your experienced staff members to pursue elevated positions within the organization to demonstrate your faith in their abilities.

7. Positive Reinforcement

Workers, especially newer recruits, need affirmation. Take time out of your day to congratulate big accomplishments as well as small victories. The best leaders know how important it is to reinforce hard work through praise and incentives. Even a “thank you” or a “job well done” can show your employees you notice their efforts.

8. Teachings and Trainings

Show your staff you are willing to invest in them by having teachable moments or sponsoring trainings. People are always looking to learn more, and you can motivate your staff by getting them out of their rut and experiencing something new. Whether it’s updated technology trainings or distributing your favorite productivity article, show your team you support them.

9. Money and Benefits

For many workers, motivation comes down to compensation. If workers are being underpaid, they underperform. Provide raises based on performance and you’ll see an increase in productivity. If you don’t have the budget to increase wages, try to provide some kind of benefits. Subsidize professional development opportunities, or provide gift cards or prizes as performance incentives.
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