How to Find a New Job After Being Fired

We know how tough it can be to get fired from a position. There are many reasons why employers terminate workers, but the important thing to remember is you are not alone. Many successful people have lost a job for one reason or another. Whether the termination was based on a small miscommunication or a serious offense, we can help you focus on your job search and find the right fit.

Take Inventory

The first step to finding a new job after being fired is to assess your situation. Determine what your largest obstacles to gaining a new position are. It can help to remove your emotions from the situation and imagine you are a third-party observer. If your friend was in the same situation, how would you advise them? Take a step back and determine why you were fired and how you can prevent it from happening again.

Own Up to Your Mistakes

The worst thing a candidate can do is avoid responsibility for previous actions. If you got fired because you weren’t meeting expectations, you can’t make that same error when you get a new position. If you were terminated for a serious infraction, you’ll need to take extra steps to correct the behavior like talking to an expert or kicking any counterproductive habits. It’s also professional and valuable to apologize to your former employer.

Start Networking

As soon as you are out of work, you need to hit the ground running. Reach out to professional and personal contacts to find out who is hiring. Job hunting is like a full-time job – you should be spending the day chasing down leads and sending out your resume. Take breaks, but know that it’ll be harder to find another position when you’ve been terminated. If you’re asking friends and colleagues to serve as references, you’ll want to fill them in on why you were fired so they can speak authentically.

Stay Prepared and Positive

There may be many rejections throughout your job search, so it’s important to be optimistic and understand you’ll have to apply to many postings before you finally get hired. It helps to be prepared when networking and interviewing. You’ll get some tough questions, so prepare a response that addresses the issue but keeps things professional.

Ready to find a new job?

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