How Can You Give Your Management Style a Boost?

Whether you’re new to managing people or you’ve built your career on it, there’s always more to learn. Your management style might be just taking shape or you may have experience with leadership in multiple disciplines. You’ve probably read the recommended books and done your research on what it takes. However, like many of us, you’re wondering: “What can I do this year to step up my game?” In 2018, success comes with adapting to anything that comes your way. Here’s how you can improve your management skills at any level in the new year:

Communication is Key

  • Try a quick messaging app like Slack or Yammer to prevent the classic “meeting that could’ve been an email” mistake. Creating a forum for communication will help your team feel supported and appreciated.
  • Whether your people are digital or handwritten types, have a master spreadsheet or cork board where all projects are posted. Keeping a public post will help staff track progress and will help everyone stay in the loop and on task.
  • Shake up your meeting strategies – if you typically do monthly all-staff meetings, try weekly one-on-ones to create a different vibe.

Emphasize Teamwork

  • Ask for ideas: Innovation comes from multiple minds teaming up, so embrace staff input and constructive criticism.
  • Cultivating future leaders will help you delegate with confidence and lessen your workload. Find talented employees and schedule one-on-ones to talk about their performance and advancement opportunities.
  • Reward ambition: Celebrate your top performers to encourage innovation and competition throughout the company.

Reflect On You

  • Self-analysis is the one thing leaders miss most often when it comes to being a well-rounded professional. Try to focus your energy on meditation or journaling to develop your awareness.
  • Flaws are unavoidable, but you need to know what yours are. Find insight from a colleague or mentor to identify your shortcomings and conquer them.
  • Your leadership performance is directly tied to your personal values. If you can’t connect with your work or find a driving motivation, your entire team’s productivity may suffer.


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