Scroll Smart: Social Media Job Search Dos and Don’ts

Part of scrolling smart during your social media job search involves following certain dos and don’ts. Understanding best practices and avoiding adverse behaviors can increase the success of your job search.

You can use social media to showcase your personal brand, build your network, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and provide insight into your personality. These activities positively impact your job search.

Keep in mind that employers can view your social media activity, including the posts you share, Like, or comment on. Therefore, you want your information to be professional and appropriate for the workplace. These tips can help.

Implement these social media dos and don’ts to benefit your job search.


Be Respectful

Maintain respect when posting, sharing, liking, or commenting on content. Showing respect demonstrates your ability to control your actions.

For instance, use your best judgment as to whether your ideas could be viewed negatively. Also, consider whether you would shout into a crowd the words you typed. If you have any doubts, find a more appropriate way to share your thoughts.

Don’t Discuss Religion or Politics

Avoid using social media to share your opinions on controversial topics. Keeping your viewpoints private is especially important if you are applying for jobs that require the protection of data or client information or the need to provide advice on specific topics.

Expressing your opinions on debatable topics can give the impression that your advice might be biased. As a result, employers could be reluctant to interview you or offer you a job.

Do Have a LinkedIn Presence

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated and complete. Employers are likely to contact you for interviews when they see how you can benefit their companies.

For instance, ensure your headshot is recent, your job title is current, and your skills and experience relate to your desired job. Also, share your projects and accomplishments that are relevant to your job search. Additionally, double-check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation for accuracy.

Don’t Overshare Personal Information

Avoid sharing personal details that might be better kept to yourself. Having an employer see something that does not appeal to them can impact their decision to interview or hire you.

Before posting about a personal experience, consider what a potential employer might think. Then, proceed accordingly.

Do Discuss Industry-Related Topics

Provide your perspectives on industry-specific conversations. For instance, you can share relevant content, respond to current news, and connect with other professionals in your field to elevate your brand.

Participation in industry-related conversations shows you are a thought leader in your field. Demonstration of your knowledge and ideas encourages employers to contact you for interviews and offer you jobs.

Don’t Be Negative About Current or Former Employers

Avoid sharing information about your current or previous employers that could harm their reputation. Providing negative information about your experience working for a company does not demonstrate the professionalism that employers look for. As a result, you might not be contacted for interviews or receive job offers.

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