Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

As a job seeker, you likely know how to clean up your social media profiles to create a more professional image. This includes removing the photos, videos, and other posts that you do not want hiring managers to see.

However, posting inappropriate content is not the only social media mistake that can impact your job search. You may be making other online errors that could prevent you from being contacted for interviews.

If you are making any of these social media mistakes, you should correct them before you start your job search.

Lack of a Social Media Presence

Many employers would not hire applicants who do not appear online. These employers typically use social media to gather information about an applicant before an interview. If the employers cannot learn more about an applicant, the applicant might be passed over for an interview.

You can fix this issue by having at least one active social media profile. LinkedIn may be your best option. You can provide more information about your work experience, skills, interests, and other topics listed on your resume. Having a complete profile with a recent headshot can provide the details that hiring managers are looking for when deciding which applicants to interview.


Many employers prefer not to contact applicants whose online reputation appears inauthentic. Like influencers on Instagram, YouTube, or other social media, you are selling the image of how you want others to perceive you. If employers believe you are insincere, they likely will not want to work with you. Because authenticity throughout companies is important, employers want employees who display this trait.

You can avoid this issue by monitoring what you post on social media. Make sure it serves a positive purpose.

Frequent Posting

Many hiring managers will not pursue candidates who continuously post on social media. This is especially important if the candidates often share content during work hours. Posting too often makes it appear as though the individuals spend a significant amount of the day on social media. This leaves little time for work or other activities.

If this applies to you, make sure you share content during your free time. Limit the number of times you post as well.

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