What Does It Take to Be a Transparent Manager?

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Displaying transparency as a manager can be challenging. You want to develop trust with your team, yet you cannot always tell them why a certain decision was made.

The more your team trusts you, the greater your team morale is. This encourages your team members to stay engaged and productive each day. You are better able to reach company goals as a result.

Implement these tips to show transparency as a manager.

Talk with Your Team About Strategic Plans

Let your team know about company growth plans, expansion of product lines, and shifts in focus from one area of revenue generation to another. Providing this information increases clarity for your team.

Your team members can better understand how their job functions relate to company goals and why they are important. Your team also should be more open to change because they understand how it will help the company move forward.

Share Company Goals for the Year

Let your team know what the company wants to accomplish over the upcoming months. Having a clear structure created to increase revenue helps increase confidence in the direction the company is heading.

Share how the short- and long-term goals impact each team member’s job. Outline the strategies for your team members to help achieve these goals. Include a timeline to reach milestones and measurements for success. Be sure to celebrate your team members’ accomplishments along the way.

Encourage Sharing Ideas and Input

Let your team have a say in as many decisions as possible. The more control your team members have in the decisions that affect them, the more engaged and committed they likely will be.

When you are unable to allow open discussion about a decision, offer meaningful choices. Talk about which choices your team members would make and why. Remain consistent and fair in how you make the final decision.

Provide Feedback and Coaching

Regularly share constructive feedback and real-time coaching with your team members. This can increase engagement, productivity, and retention.

Honesty about work performance lets your team members know which areas they excel in and specific ways they can improve in other areas. Providing the necessary resources to improve performance shows you care about your team’s success.

Increase Transparency in Your Hiring

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