The Top 4 Manufacturing Interview Questions

When applying for jobs in the manufacturing industry, employers want to know more about your knowledge, skills, and work experience. They will ask specific questions about production terms, equipment, and job standards to determine how equipped you may be for a role. Preparing answers to these questions can help you effectively answer them and potentially receive a job offer.

Find out four of the top manufacturing questions and how you might answer them.

1. What are some factors that impact the manufacturing process?

Share what you know about the people, equipment, and supplies needed to manufacture items. For instance, mention how employees need motivation and a strong work ethic to effectively perform the work. They also must be on time, follow safety protocols, and resolve conflicts within the manufacturing process. Additionally, workers also need to regularly check and maintain the machines to continue production. Plus, the supplies must be inventoried and managed in order for production to remain efficient.

2. Can you explain the importance of a quality management system (QMS)?

A QMS is used to control the information about how the company produces a product, such as safety checks and quality control. Show how much you know about safety procedures and documentation. Include how a QMS can impact your work and affect the organization as a whole. For instance, point out that managing and maintaining quality is important to provide the same product every time. This is why you use a QMS to ensure safety and consistency in the manufacturing process. You also use it to report issues and train new hires on company standards.

3. Can you explain the acronym BOM?

Bill of materials refers to the list of items a manufacturer needs for production. Demonstrate that you know what it is, how it is used, and whether you have experience using a BOM in a previous role. Mention that every item a manufacturer uses should include a BOM to keep an inventory of necessary materials and ensure quality standards.

4. What would you do if a part of the safety equipment on the line was missing or damaged?

Because safety in manufacturing is so important, you must show proactivity to avoid a potential incident. Demonstrate that you prioritize safety and can solve or report the issue in line with company policies and industry standards. You may share that you would immediately delay or stop production. If you just started your shift, you would contact your supervisor about the issue to have it inspected before continuing production. If production were already going, you immediately would tell your coworkers and supervisor about the issue and stop the line until the safety equipment was fixed. You also would fill out any required paperwork or file a report of the issue for quality assurance and safety standard purposes.

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