The Most Common Obstacles Recruiters Face & How to Resolve Them

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Working as a recruiter is challenging. You have to build relationships with hiring managers and candidates, learn about their needs, interests and abilities, and successfully make matches so everyone wins. Because this is a complex and time-consuming process, you face many obstacles along the way. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to resolve them.

Here are four challenges you may face as a recruiter and how you can overcome them.

Unrealistic Manager Expectations

Many hiring managers have far too many requirements to fill a position. They may expect specific skills, years of experience, or other details that are not necessarily needed at the start of employment. In many cases, they can be developed through on-the-job training and professional development. The best solution to this issue is to have ongoing conversations with each hiring manager about which job requirements are absolutely necessary and which are nice to have. Use these intake meetings to set appropriate expectations and gather the necessary information to find qualified candidates. Be sure to include data to support your viewpoints.

Low Candidate Engagement

Keeping candidates involved in the recruitment process can be difficult. Because the best talent typically is off the market within 10 days, you must do what you can to keep them actively involved in the hiring process. For instance, share as much information as possible about what the hiring manager is looking for. Include the required skills and experience, job expectations, and type of personality that best fits with company culture. Also, regularly communicate where the candidate is at in the recruitment process, what the next steps are, and when to expect an answer by. Additionally, provide clear feedback after interviews. Share what the hiring manager liked best, what could be better, and specific ways the candidate could improve.

Unsuccessful Interviews

It is disappointing when candidates go into an interview and do not experience what they anticipated. Perhaps the job was significantly different from what they expected. Or, they may feel over-or underqualified for the role. One way to minimize this is by clarifying the job responsibilities, required skills and experience, company culture, and other relevant information in advance. Also, coach each candidate on questions they may be asked and examples of appropriate answers.

Turndown of Job Offers

Having candidates decline job offers is frustrating. You need to invest additional time in your candidate search until your placement is successful. When this happens, talk with the candidate about why they did not accept the offer. Perhaps they accepted a role with another company that offered a better salary and benefits package. Or, maybe the candidate did not feel they were a great fit with the company culture. Use what you learn to improve your results.

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