7 Skills to List on Your Machinist Resume

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As a machinist, you likely enjoy taking apart products, looking at their components, thinking of ways to improve the design, and putting the item back together. This process is key to innovation in product creation and improvement. As a result, your skills are in great demand. Making hiring managers aware of them during your job search can help you land your next position.

Be sure to list these seven machinist skills on your resume.

1.    CNC

Computer numerical control (CNC) is in high demand. Perhaps you have experience in tool making and die maintenance with CNC operation and CNC programming. Or, you might have upgraded a machine shop by purchasing new CNCs, mills, and lathes.

2.    Hand Tools

Many employers seek experience with hand tools. You might have used hand tools for day-to-day operations or to load and remove materials from products into machines and equipment.

3. Shop Equipment

Many machinist jobs require the proficient use of shop equipment. You could list that you operated various machine shop equipment and tools for parts fabrication. Or, maybe you machined items for the retrofit of a maintenance department.

4. GD

Grade delay (GD) is highly sought-after. You may have dialed in close tolerances using GD&T true positioning. Or, you might have used a comparator and fabricate parts using GD&T.

5. Machine Parts

Knowledge of the structural components, function control parts, and machine mechanisms that enable a machine to operate is important. Perhaps you completed complicated repairs and manufactured machine parts and assemblies from raw materials. Or, you might have supported the operation of pharmaceutical equipment through maintenance and fabrication of machine parts.

6. Mastercam

Proficiency in computer-aided manufacturing and CAD/CAM software applications is highly sought after.

Perhaps you assisted in the research and implementation of software and processes such as SURFCAM, PowerMILL, CAMPlete, or Rapid Prototype. Or, you might have used Mastercam to write programs and verify that the machining process would create the desired result.

7. Prototype

Many hiring managers look for experience with prototyping. You may have designed the layout, purchased equipment, and fabricated prototype engineering parts. Or, you could have supported prototype development activities while working with design engineers on the design feasibility of prototype parts.

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