3 Ways to Encourage Open Communication

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In the workplace, communication is critical. Whether you’re managing a team of five or five thousand, a great leader’s priority is helping your workers feel valued by keeping those lines open. A lot of companies discuss having open communication but fall short of creating a culture where it is encouraged. These are some ways employers can encourage this culture.

1) Personal Connection

Say hello! When your workers step on the job site, they should feel welcomed. Whether you’re the first one in, or you are walking into a busy worksite, you should plan to make time for hellos. A more relaxed environment and casual communication can facilitate a broader sense of understanding. You should take the initiative to get to know your employees to understand what helps them succeed and how they feel supported in the workplace.

2) View Meetings as Opportunities

Schedule staff meeting times and stick to them. Consistency is really important and fosters trust with your staff. It can be tempting to cancel meetings just because there’s not much on the agenda. However, you always want to provide a forum for your workers to share concerns and voice ideas. Your employees may be counting on the weekly meeting to bring something up. You should also keep meetings small where possible – focus on different groups so they have your undivided attention.

3) Ask for Perspective

One of the biggest ways you can prove you value your employees as people is to encourage them to contribute. Talking over your workers or rejecting their insight is the fastest way to limit communication and breed mistrust. Your company culture should emphasize an all-hands atmosphere where everyone’s opinions are considered. Suggestions from a diverse workforce can help give you new ideas and bring a brand new perspective to any project. You trust your workers to get the job done, so why not ask for their advice?

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