Thinking About Going Back to School? How To Tell Your Employer

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Many employees are contemplating going back to school or take technical classes to further their careers. Higher education can be a huge asset to your future aspirations, but you’ll want to sell it to your boss. Often taking additional classes can require odd hours or extra commitments outside the workplace, so you may need to discuss this choice with your work supervisor. It can be a stressful decision, but this article will help to discuss your future plans with your employer.

Discuss the Benefits

If you’re sharing your plans to study with your current employer, show them what’s in it for them. If you’re taking a relevant community college training course, your boss should be incentivized to make it work for you. Remember, any new skills you’ll bring to the table will help your company. Pursuing graduate study in an effort to move on from your current position? You can still show your supervisor

Manage the Details

Your boss will have some specific questions that you need to have answers for:

  • What specifically are you studying?
  • Will you need to change your work hours?
  • Do you need to switch days?
  • Are you anticipating it will distract you from your work focus?
  • Does this change your plan to stay with our company?

Your supervisor will likely be curious about your next step, and it also may impact their management plans. If you need to take a step back, your manager will need to hire extra staff or re-arrange the schedule. This also may change the plan for promotions and raises. Be as honest as you can, comfortably.

Talk About Goals

If you’re planning on getting a master’s degree, discuss leadership options with your boss. If you are angling for a promotion based on a master’s degree or hoping your employer will cover some graduate school costs, you need to have that conversation as soon as you’ve made that decision. If there is any kind of offer of support from your boss, try to get it in writing so you have that commitment in your records.

Many workers are just like you, trying to find their next step in their career journey. Now more than ever, employees are exploring new opportunities and finding what they need to succeed. Check out Job Store Staffing today if you’re looking for a new position that’s right for you.

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