Keep Your Career Recession-Proof With These Tips

Making yourself an essential worker can provide comfort when the economy as a whole is suffering. Your career should not be defined by what’s available; it should be about what you bring to the table. Here’s how you can make yourself indispensable. 

What Can You Add 

In your current role, think about what you can offer up. Your supervisor is expecting you to do your duties, but you can solidify your role in the organization by taking on additional work. Ask what needs to be done, or simply take the initiative to create projects yourself. Think about your strengths that you don’t typically get to use on the job and find a way to incorporate them. Or consider identifying what your team needs and learning the skill to fill the gap. 

Education and Training 

When you gain higher education, no one can take it from you. The best bet to forge a strong career path is to attain more knowledge. Now not everyone is in a position to drop thousands of dollars on college tuition in an effort to further your career. However, there are many small steps you can take to harness your brainpower and advance your standing to impress a supervisor or future employer. Community college courses, certificate programs, and webinars and conferences can help you take the next step. 


Your professional brand is only as strong as your networking abilities. When you face uncertainty in your career, you need to have a professional structure to fall back on. Whether that consists of former and current colleagues, peers throughout the industry, or previous supervisors, you need to work to maintain these connections even when you’re happy in your current job. 

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