5 Ways to Make Your Daily Commute More Productive

Looking to maximize your productivity, but out of ideas as to where you can begin? Try the beginning- your commute! Starting and closing the day with a boost of efficiency can help you re-focus your efforts and feel more prepared for the work to come. Here are the 5 things you can do while commuting that will get you motivated & ready to take on the day. 


One way to focus your energies for the day, whether you’re coming or going, is to spend some time in meditation. There are a thousand ways to approach this – you can use a guided meditation, think on different meditative ideas, or simply spend some time in silence. Quiet your car stereo and just sit in the quiet, acknowledging your thoughts and letting them pass. You may be surprised as to how beneficial you’ll find this practice. 

ToDo Lists 

If you want to consider yourself productive with your work and home life, spend your commute making to-do lists. You can utilize Siri or other apps to help you voice-record your thoughts, so you never have to engage in distracted driving. Your time to and from work can be productive if you centralize your thoughts and create a list of the tasks you need to complete coming up, you’ll be able to dive right in. 


Use your commute to not just plan your tasks, but to think about the big picture. Think about the projects you haven’t gotten to or the ideas you haven’t realized in the workplace. So many people spend their commute frustrated and distracted, but you can embrace this time to think big about your role and the opportunities available. 

Switch Up Your Route 

A great way to keep your brain fresh is to change up your commute! If you typically drive ten minutes to the office, consider walking instead! Or, if you use public transportation, maybe a bike route can help you feel inspired. The more changes you can make, the more innovative you’ll feel. If you can’t change your method, change the scenery, and take a new route to refresh your surroundings. 


Power up your morning commute by listening to podcasts. You can maximize your productivity by listening to hosts that discuss efficiency and leadership, or you can instead focus on unwinding by catching up with your favorite humor or true crime show.  

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